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Paradise Kiss

So I just finished Paradise Kiss (the anime). I really enjoyed it. I felt like it was the perfect length (only 12 episodes) and I was pretty engaged the whole time. This is the premise:

Yukari is a typical high school student on the fast track to attending a university, but her boring life leaves much to be desired; that is, until a motley crew of fashion design students ask her to model their new clothing line: Paradise Kiss! Now, Yukari must choose if she will reject the life her mother has laid out for her, and start making choices on her own for the first time. While taking her first steps into adulthood, Yukari also begins to realize that with freedom comes responsibility; a life in the fashion industry isn't an easy one, especially for someone unsure of her own intentions.

So I don't really care about the fashion industry but the show wasn't really about that, that just happens to be what the main character gets involved with. The show is really about her figuring out what she wants and growing up.

And sex. These characters really like to have sex. All the time.

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I would recommend Paradise Kiss, but not to everyone. If you think it sounds interesting, it's only 12 episodes so go for it. I personally really enjoyed it but wouldn't blame someone for just not being interested/engaged at all.

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Sailor Moon

One Piece

So I started watching One Piece a few weeks ago. I basically went in knowing nothing except that it is extremely long and supposedly very sad at times. I had no interest at all but SungWon kept going on and on and on and on and ON about how good it was so after I finished catching up to Breaking Bad I decided to give it a chance, despite being intimidated by the length.

I've found that it is GREAT AND ADDICTING and I wish I had waited til summer to start because it's the best way to procrastinate doing my school work/studying for finals. I just finished the Enies Lobby arc and while the previous arcs were all pretty good (except Skypiea), this one (including Water 7) was PERFECT. I didn't realize how attached I had become to these characters or how much they had grown since the beginning, but that's really the advantage of it being so long.

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Anyway really good show. My only issues were earlier when characters would die and then not be fucking dead. It's not that I want characters to die (although apparently they will for reals later, so...) but if they die, like there is no way they should be alive, they need to stay dead.

Other than that GREAT SHOW. I've been neglecting every other show I would have been regularly keeping up with just so I could make a dent but now it's really all I want to watch. I'm excited to continue and will prooobably be fully caught up (with the show) within a few weeks. Finals obviously will have to take precedence though or I'd be caught up way sooner.

I'll say the end of this month for sure. Which is kinda gross. WHATEVER