ProZD (prozd) wrote in animeinyourface,

Tiger and Bunny (SPOILERS)

I waited 19 episodes for them to reveal this "twist" that was painfully obvious from the beginning. Ignoring the character's design, which is just the most seedy, untrustworthy looking design in the world, how convenient is it that this caretaker of Barnaby's just swept him up, adopted him, and put him into the hero business. Not to mention we never ever feel anything for Maverick or know more about him. From the beginning, I knew he was the real killer, so it was just waiting ho hum until they finally made the big reveal.

Tiger and Bunny is a fun show, but it is really clumsily plotted. Other shows have done this sort of twist so well because the characters in those shows are really unsuspecting and sometimes even really likable. Which makes it that much more shocking when they turn out to be evil.

His motives are also REALLY STUPID. Oh, I wanted to make Hero TV SUPER POPULAR so I MADE CRIMES. Okay.

You know what would've been an ACTUAL twist is if someone so obviously meant to be a hidden villain turned out not to be at all. I was hoping Maverick wouldn't be the killer, because I knew it was so obvious he would be. Alas.

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